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If you owned Time Equation of Audemars Piguet , apart from praise, there could be a lot of people doubt , what's the Time Equation, and why is watch circle engraved with Taipei 11 h 56 'symbol?

In fact, time equation (more to be exact,time difference or astronomical time) equation of time signifies the gap between clock time (or an average time of the sun which means solar time) and real time of the sun (true solar

As well known, the ancients' computing time usually was put into lunar calendar and Gregorian calendar, the first was based on the moon, the second to the sun as the basis. Whatever is best, nowadays civilized club will

depend on solar calendar. However, the earth's orbit around the sun is not a circle round shape, the earth also is not right direct sunlight. Thus, 24 hours in a day, actually it can be 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds, so there

could be occurring leap year . And, high noon twelve o 'clock Breitling Watches in your watch also is not really "middle,". Doing a little experiment we will know that: first set up wrist watch on your wrist, on 12 point, go outside where there is sunshine, if the sun is in the upper part, then the clock of time just is the real sun time; If the sun is in your east, then the equation of time is negative ; on the contrast, if in the west ,the equation of time is positive. Of course it is very easily guessed the possibility you see high noon is

really "rare," ,because only on April 15, June 14, September and December 24 in one year, these four replica watches days, average sun time and the real time are coincident. The rest of the time, errors can be expanded to 11 February fast 14 minutes and 22 seconds to November 4, negative 16 minutes 23 seconds.

The gap between the average sun time and real time can be calculated through the formula of astronomy, namely E = 9.84 * sin (2 B)-7.53 * cos (B)-1.5 * sin (B); among them B = 360 * (N-81) / 365, and N refers to the number of the days, namely January 1 N = 1, the rest on analogy. It will appear a curve formula like inequality 8 character pattern, called Analemma.

In the history of the watch there once has done research on astronomical clock time difference , actually can be estimated to seventeenth century, equation of time clock by Nicholas Mercator. After all, the elders life to the sun's dependence is far more important than this day even it is night lights still blazing, it matters a lot. In the eighteenth and nineteenth century, important watch-making master such as Ferdinand and Louis Berthoud and Breguet also are produced when the project time equation.

The earliest appearing time equation pocket watch is Breguet master Abraham-Louis Breguet Marie-Antoinette and Patek Philippe's Caliber 89 (later Star Caliber 2000 movement). In contemporary watch,Breguet is in 1991 launching the first time equation calendar phase watch, Pointers in 1 and 2 o 'clock direction type indicates that the sun lag between the door, not only winning award, also passing down innovation skills of Breguet master

Only inspired by a Time Equation of pocket watch at Abby museum in 1925 , Audemars Piguet in AD 2000 launched the world's first only display calendar, Sunrise and Sunset Equation of Time. And in order to accurately make the wearer does not need to view the astronomical calendar or on a computer, you can know that instant sun pole time, Abby must make a year go around one circle, absolutely accurate setting, production and completion, to reach such precise fake gucci watchesand astronomy requirements.

In accordance with the sun pole changing as the city different longitude, the time of sunrise and sunset would depend not only on the longitude, also on latitude. On the equator, night and day, all the year equal length, the farther from the equator the bigger seasonal changes, and in the North Pole and the South Pole of the summer solstice or the winter solstice, the sun even not rise or not landing (ever day and night). Abby watch displays the SUNRISE

SUNSET time every day mainly through the two small dial in nine o 'clock an 3 o 'clock, every little dial pointer is controlled by its cam, the two cams also must depend on match with city, this more must be precise machining and

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