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Inter-course: your guide to delectable diningAs human beings, we are all driven towards the pursuit of pleasure and few things in life provide us with more of that satisfaction than food and sex. While both work great on their own, food can actually be used as a tool to inspire romance. In fact, ever since Eve fed Adam the apple, the two have become inextricably intertwined. Throughout the ages, food has been used to enhance the senses, lift the mood and increase sexual desire. Given its phallic shape, asparagus is a very popular aphrodisiac. Serve it hot with thick cream for a delectable experience. The ancient Aztecs called the avocado tree "Ahuacuatl", meaning "testical tree", because the fruit hanging in pairs resembles the male testicles. Avocados are also rich in vitamin E, a nutrient essential to reproductive health. The smooth, sensual texture and mouth-feel only adds to the avocados appeal. While the phallic shape of the banana is partially responsible for its popularity as an aphrodisiac food, bananas are also rich in potassium and B vitamins, nutrients necessary for sex hormone production. Since raspberries and strawberries bear a resemblance to nipples, they are often used as aphrodisiac foods. They are also rich in vitamin C, a nutrient essential to reproductive health. Chocolate is such a great aphrodisiac food that many may even substitute it for sex. Chocolate is a good source of theobromine, which stimulates the brain into producing feel-good and mood-elevating chemicals; very similar to the ones we produce when we are in love. Open up a fig and you'll see it bears a resemblance to the female sexual organs. A great stimulator of the circulatory system, ginger can help increase blood flow to the sex organs. This warm spice has been used for centuries as a powerful aphrodisiac and in large amounts it can produce a dreamy, hallucinogenic state. Besides the way they emulate the female genetalia, oysters are also extremely good sources of zinc, an essential nutrient to both male and female sexual health. The iodine in oysters and other seafood also helps stimulate the metabolism and prevents fatigue and depression, which could hinder sexual performance. The pine nut has long since had a reputation as an aphrodisiac food. They are particularly good for stimulating male potency, due to their high zinc content. In Ancient Europe, tomatoes where often referred to as "love apples", due to the stimulating effect they were meant to have. More recently it was discovered that tomatoes contain a pigment called lycopene, which is essential to male sexual health and helps prevent prostate cancer and other abnormalities. The Ancient Greeks and Romans considered the rare truffle (a member of the mushroom family) to be a sexual stimulant, mainly because of its alluring musky scent. The deep, warm aroma and flavour given off by the vanilla plant is said to increase lust. A glass or two of wine with a meal can help increase libido by relaxing the body and stimulating the senses. Herbs are best taken whole in tea form, although herbal extracts in pill and capsule form are also available at health stores. Always consult a healthcare professional before using herbs in large doses or for extended periods, especially if you are pregnant or trying for a baby. This tropical herb is a great tonic for both the male and female reproductive organs. For reasons largely unknown, chewing on licorice root sticks can help stimulate desire. This South American herb has been used for ages to increase stamina and enhance performance in men. For women, it is useful as a sexual stimulant and also helps with symptoms of menopause. This powerful herb helps bring blood to the pelvic area, thus encouraging erections in males and enhancing sensual pleasure. This menu is designed to arouse the senses and awaken sexual energies. finely grated truffles1 Tbs. lime juice1 Tbs. lemon juice1 tsp. dried kelp powderPinch white pepperUsing a sharp knife or vegetable-sheeting machine, cut oil extraction machine the end off the cucumber leaving about 10cm in overall length. Peel and then cut around the total length of the cucumber oil expeller to create a long, very thin sheet of cucumber. Cut a length of cucumber sheet about 15cm long and lay onto a sushi rolling mat. Place two wedges of avocado over the cucumber sheet. Lay two bunches of radish sprouts next to the avocado. Place the salmon on top of the radish sprouts. Roll the bottom edge of the cucumber up and over the tuna and avocado. Pull back toward the bottom to tighten the roll. Carefully roll forward while gently pulling back to keep the roll tight, all the way to the end of the cucumber. Mix in some extra olive oil if the sauce is too thick. vanilla essenceBlend together the yoghurt, maple syrup, sugar, lemon juice and vanilla. Pour the mixture over the peeled bananas and serve. Dribble some chocolate sauce over the dessert for an extra treat.

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Every product that you can buy obtains good press and poor press. Squalene oil came under fire during the swine flu epidemic because it was a component within the vaccination, which some radicals felt was poison. Here's the truth: squalene oil isn't poisonous. In reality, your body already creates it naturally, so it's already within your system.

As far as flu-shots go, squalene helps boost the body's immune system, and it's used for that purpose in vaccinations. More bang for your buck you might say.

For anti-aging formulations, if you check the label on the back of most wrinkle fighting serums and oil extraction machine creams, you'll probably find squalene oil is in there already. It has been for years - even in organic products. So, in word, yes, it's safe. It's also extremely effective.

Squalene oil is produced by animals, plants as well as humans. Deep sea sharks are probably the most typical source, because squalene is extracted from sharks that inadvertently get caught up in commercial fishing nets. Nonetheless, it may also be taken from wheat, rice bran along with other plants.

Squalene has many uses, but for anti-aging, it offers deep moisture and helps plump up parts where facial lines and wrinkles occur. It penetrates beneath the skin, encouraging the body's natural collagen and elastin generation, which is critical for minimizing fine lines.

As I said, most of the anti-wrinkle formulas on the market already contain squalene, but you can also find it as an essential oil. Some people use the oil itself on deep frown lines and wrinkles and swear they disappear within days. Others add it to regular moisturizing lotion to get the anti-aging benefits without the high end price tag.

In either case, squalene is quite safe and performs effectively. Some people with sensitive skin may need to attempt a diluted version, as the full concentration could prove too potent. If you discover that utilizing squalene oil causes you to break out or palm oil processing machine redness and irritation happen, attempt adding just a couple drops to a usual lotion and apply it that way.

Truffles Are A Delight To The Taste Buds


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